ZEMedS’s project (Zero Energy MEDiterranean Schools) is a 3-year project co-funded by the European Commission within the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE) that promotes the renovation of schools in a Mediterranean climate to be nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB).

The main goal of ZEMedS is increase the knowledge and know-how on the nZEB renovation of schools in Mediterranean climates and give support to several new initiatives on the nZEB refurbishment of schools in Mediterranean climate regions: 

 ZEMedS activities

✹ Toolkits. Development of high quality toolkits focused on technical and financial aspects of the nZEB renovation of schools in Mediterranean climates.

✹ Case studies. Development of 10 case studies with extensive details on solutions for the nZEB renovation of schools.

✹ Tendering specifications. Development of 5 nZEB tendering specifications, that will be voluntarily adopted by at least 5 public authorities partners of 4 Mediterranean countries.

✹ Support new initiatives. Support up to 40 new nZEB initiatives on renovation of schools with the nZEB goals in Mediterranean countries.

✹ Trainings. Organization and hosting of 60 trainings and 5 capacity building events, and participation to 8 international conferences.

 Expected impacts 

 ✹ Development of free-of-charge nZEB School Toolkits and Case Studies.

✹ Support  for the nZEB renovation plans in at least 50 schools in Mediterranean regions.

✹ Training of at least 4,650 school authorities and building designers through regional events and capacity building events.

✹ Have 50% of school policy makers of all the participant regions  represented by at least 1 attendee to the communication  and dissemination actions.

✹ Increase awareness of nZEB  to more than 100,000 school users and citizens, through promotional materials and dissemination campaign.


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